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My name is Tasnim Islam. I was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Growing up in an extended family, learned the art of cooking from my mom and grandma at young age.  Traditional Bangladeshi dishes always amazed me. I have always loved the street foods in Bangladesh. After coming to the USA, I completed a Restaurant Revenue Management Certification from Cornell University. During 2020 Coronavirus pandemic,  I started "Tafeef's Cookhouse" as a hobby to provide better quality food with affordable price. To provide a better quality and safe food, I also took ServSafe certified food manager certification. 


Beside Tafeef's Cookhouse, I operate a franchise restaurant. So, my schedule gets a little busy from time to time. In my leisure, I enjoy traveling to new places, eating new dishes from various countries and spending time with my family. 

I'm always looking for new and exciting recipes. Feel free to drop yours.   

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