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It all began when we first came to the USA....
And then, pandemic hits and changed the world....


since the pandemic

Bangladeshi food is a confluence of all different kinds of tastes—spellbinding to evoke all possible senses. Our food embodies a mixture of a wide range of spices, herbs, and oils—a signature of South Asian cuisines. As a food bon vivant, Bangladesh's people have adopted diversified cuisine from all over Asia and incorporated their unique cooking style and spice senses. Thus, our food provides a glimpse of the unique blend of cultural diversities in Asia, and it helped us establish our distinct personality in cooking.


Tafeef's Cookhouse is a virtual restaurant that aims to share these distinctive tastes and flavors of traditional Bangladeshi food. Our passionate chefs have collected recipes from different parts of the country, especially from our grandmas, moms, aunts, and older relatives.

Everyone associated to this virtual restaurant have tasted first hand where the recipes were born. You can't really bring 100% similar taste because there are too many variables involved. But, we are trying our best to bring that taste as much as possible which you won't find it in any other restaurant. During the Pandemic, while sitting at home, we perfected our recipes and made some new items for your taste buds. 


We hope our invitation will become an excellent experience for you.     

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